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Sunday, December 14, 2008


Ricky Hatton will KO Manny Pacquiao

THAT a card featuring new boxing superstar Manny Pacquaio and Manchurian Hitman Ricky Hatton is next year's biggest opening megafight to look forward to is beyond argument.

Not only will it be a blockbuster of phone booth brawl. It will also ignite and whet the appetites of the most rabid fight fans from United Kingdom and this part of Asia.

Whether it is held in Las Vegas (again), at the Wembley Stadium that will seat 100,000 fans or in Dubai where the two could meet halfway and where Manny will not be wanting with fellow Filipino partisans, it has money written all over.

But there is one side show I would like to see after the fight is over.

And I am placing my retirement fund that Ricky will knockout Manny cold and out of his feet.

Come to think of it, who do you guess will be the last man standing if you pit Manny against Ricky in a beer-guzzling post fight Gunfight at the OK Corral?

Hatton is the classic Brit who cannot seem to wait for his fight to be over before he rushes into the pub for his ale, welts and bruises all over.

Manny may not be as beer-thirsty in all his post fights, but tales of his indulging in booze when not in training is no tale at all. Manny drinks, too, period.

When the two square off inside the pub, it should be the biggest brawl in, nay outside of, boxing world.

I bet Manny will loose this one.

While Manny may down us leisure drinkers (his favorite is San Miguel Light), he will not be up against Hatton who does not drink water at all according to rumors.

But seriously, before we get punched by Manny for even daring him to face Ricky in dusk-to-dawn 'pa-morningan' beer guzzling draw, a May or June face off with Hatton would be the most interesting fight to look forward the whole of 2009 – that is if Floyd Mayweather Jr., does not come out from his retirement cocoon.

Ricky is fast to the draw and furious with his punches. He rushes forward like a speeding truck.

Manny, on the other hand, is a whirldwind – a tornado in fact. One who packs his punches in bunches. He also is like a bull. But a bull who could move sideways, backward and forward that bullfighter could not handle.

It is interesting to see if Hatton could hit Manny at all before he gets his arse kicked out.

For Ricky Hatton's WBC light welterweight crown, I will predict a Manny win. And this one will not go the distance.

We may yet again see Manny drive another champ into retirement. After all, Manny just earned his new moniker as the The Finisher.

No worry Ricky, you will get your pay and all the beer to drown all lifelong. You may even get to open a pub of your own.


Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Pacquiao likely to decide to run for QC congressional post

Amid talks on Manny Pacquiao’s renewed interest in running for public office, a lawmaker on Tuesday said there are high chances that the Filipino boxing champion may seek another bid for a congressional seat.

“Siguro 70 percent (Probably 70 percent)," Quezon City's Rep. Mary Ann Susano said in an interview on dzBB when she was asked on the odds of Pacquiao running for congressman of the second district of Quezon City.

Susano on Monday disclosed that Pacquiao may run for the post in 2010 after his unsuccessful congressional run in his hometown General Santos City.

"Inalok sa kanya, inalok naman sa akin isang position. It's a dream team (He was offered the candidacy, while another position was offered for me)," said Susano on Monday, although she refused to disclose what position was offered her.

According to the lawmaker, Pacquiao said he will give his final decision when he returns to the Philippines . "He was there (in the meeting)... Sabi niya pagbalik niya final na (He said he will give his final decision when he returns)," she said.

In 2007, Pacquiao ran as congressman for the first district of South Cotabato but lost to Rep. Darlene Antonino-Custodio.

Pacquiao is set to arrive in Manila Wednesday.



Humility in victory

ONCE more, Manny Pacquiao has demonstrated that the Filipino’s indomitable courage and abiding faith in the goodness of a caring and protecting God could overcome the non-believers and men of little faith with his overwhelming eighth-round TKO victory over The Golden Boy Oscar de la Hoya on Sunday morning, Manila time.

Undoubtedly the greatest Filipino and Asian champion of all time and a certified national treasure, Pacquiao not only showed his consummate skill, but also his incredible hand-speed and footwork, awesome punching power and a spirit that was unflinching.

His achievements in the ring through the years are a beacon of hope for millions of Filipinos mired in a sense of hopelessness. Manny, who broke away from the shackles of his childhood poverty, sent a message to all his countrymen that with grim determination, sacrifice and hard work there is nothing the Filipino cannot achieve.

Longtime Pacquiao supporter, Secretary Lito Atienza, said Manny serves as a good example for young Filipinos to follow. But the young are not this nation’s problem, it’s the older men and women many of whom should be ashamed of themselves for what they have done and continue to do to this beloved land and its people.

Those, who wanted the fight against De la Hoya stopped, branding it a terrible mismatch and a circus as well as a farce, were made to look farcical by the spectacular performance of Pacquiao, who was the master of a legend and effectively proved that simple, honest and dedicated individuals can achieve far more than grandstanding politicians and other miscellaneous individuals who prey on our people with scant respect for what the good Lord asks of them.

God’s gifts are special young men such as Manny Pacquiao, who have shown that discipline, integrity, hard work, commitment and love of God and their fellow human beings are the essence of what our nation needs as it searches for a hero, who can combine the virtues and values of a Pacquiao with a vision and a game plan for our nation. We may not need a lawyer as a leader for what we need is someone with an appreciation and feel for a sense of justice that is inherent in people who genuinely care such as Manny.

We have been gladdened no end that Manny has changed his sometimes wild and wooly ways and settled down to a good and decent family life realizing that to love his wife and children, to help his parents and to remember the goodness of God from whom all blessings flow, is paramount.

The sight of Manny praying in his locker room, going down on his knees in his corner in the ring before the fight and rather than celebrate his victory by beating his chest and prancing around the ring like a conquering hero, walked slowly to his corner, went down on his knees and whispered a fervent prayer to the Almighty to whom he turned to for protection, guidance and if it was His will, victory, filled our hearts. Even our parish priest at St. Paul the Apostle in Quezon City, Fr. Nong, himself a basketball player and official in his youth and a true sports fan, pointed to Pacquiao’s commendable gesture in his Sunday homily.

It was a victory he shared—as he always has—with his country and people. There was one other dimension to the story of unity that needs to be shared.

ABS-CBN, a fierce competitor of GMA-7 and perhaps to a lesser extent Solar Sports, which had the TV rights for the Philippines, recognized that the Pacquiao-De la Hoya fight was a legitimate news story and gave it unbelievable attention and coverage.

Dyan Castillejo was in the US for over a week and filed some excellent reports. Channel 2, ANC and dzMM Radio spent precious time on its various programs to talk about all aspects of the Dream Match. The men and women behind the giant broadcast network placed the worth of a story above any competitive differences which in itself sent a telling message to the rest of the country. Indeed, they earned our respect and admiration.

In his moment of triumph, Manny was respectful to the man he vanquished, Oscar de la Hoya, who has done so much for boxing with his class and his decency. When he told Oscar “you are still my idol no matter what happened,” Pacquiao showed his true class. And when De la Hoya replied: “No, now you are my idol,” it was class personified.

For all the pre-fight hype, the goodness of both men shone through with a glow that one hardly sees in boxing today. Manny was magnanimous and humble in victory, while Oscar was gracious in defeat.

In a troubled time with deception, deceit, mistrust and petty bickering wrecking the fabric of national society, Pacquiao helped us all forget our individual and collective pain and helped us rejoice like never before, proud of a simple young man from Mindanao, who achieved what many so-called experts said could not be done. Ah, men of little faith you failed miserably to realize that the Filipino has the sterling qualities of a champion. And that Manny Pacquiao is a champion for all time.


Sunday, December 07, 2008


Watch De La Hoya, Pacquiao free live streaming, updates and results

Watch De La Hoya, Pacquiao free live streaming, updates and results